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Understanding the Significance of Matchmaking in Gaming

In the world of gaming, matchmaking plays a crucial role in ensuring a fair and enjoyable multiplayer experience. Matchmaking refers to the process of pairing players together based on various factors such as their skill level, game preferences, and availability.

Sridhar Rajendran
Jan 17, 2024

Revolutionizing Instrument Control: VXI-11 RPC on iOS for Maximum Efficiency

In distributed networking, when a program on one machine (client) executes a program on another machine (server) over a network, it is referred to as a remote procedure call (RPC). RPC is a communication technique that enables synchronous operation in a client-server environment.

Sridhar Rajendran
Oct 30, 2023

Why Use Realm?

Realm’s mobile database is an open source, developer-friendly alternative to CoreData and SQLite.

Sridhar Rajendran
Feb 22, 2022