What we accomplished

Technologies AND TOOLS used


Data Binding - With Angular, changes to the user interface are automatically mirrored in the underlying data model and vice versa.

TypeScript - A statically typed superset of JavaScript, TypeScript is used to build Angular.

Official Support - Google develops and maintains Angular and offers updates and long-term support.

SQL Server & Dot Net Core

ACID Compliance - SQL Server complies with the ACID characteristics, guaranteeing the dependability and integrity of your data transactions.

Full-Text Search - Effective and precise text-based searches within your data with SQL Server's full-text search features.

Integration Services - For creating data workflows, SQL Server Integration Services is a potent ETL and data integration tool.


Scheduled Tasks - It scripts can be scheduled to run at certain times or in reaction to events, enabling timely automation.

Script Reusability - PowerShell modules and scripts can be shared and reused for a variety of activities and automation workflows.

Security - To help reduce possible dangers, PowerShell has security features and parameters that regulate the execution of scripts.


Prototyping - To visualise and test the user experience, designers might construct interactive prototypes featuring transitions, animations, and user flows.

Asset Export - Exporting design assets for use in development is possible for designers in a number of formats, including as SVG, PNG, and PDF.