What we accomplished

Technologies AND TOOLS used

React Native & RealM

Code Sharing - Share code between websites and mobile applications to perhaps avoid duplication of effort.

Rapid Development - Use a simple, declarative programming model to quickly develop apps.

Simple API - Realm's API is simple for developers to use, which streamlines database interactions.

MongoDB & Next JS

Flexible Schema - Schema-less design is appropriate for agile development since it enables you to modify data models at any time.

Scalability - MongoDB's horizontal scalability makes it possible to handle massive volumes of data effectively.

Content Delivery - To ensure fast data transfers and minimal latency, use AWS CloudFront for content delivery.


Single Endpoint - GraphQL makes integration easier by offering a single API endpoint for requesting data from several data sources.

Versioning - Versionless APIs are encouraged since modifications to the API schema can be made without impacting currently running clients.

Data Aggregation - GraphQL makes sophisticated data collecting easier by combining data from many sources into a single response.


Cross-Platform - Figma is compatible with both Mac and Windows, letting designers use their favourite OS while working.

Cloud-Based - Design files are kept in the cloud, where they are easily shared and accessed from any location with an internet connection.

Auto Layout - In Figma, Auto Layout makes it easier to create resizable and responsive components.