What we accomplished

Technologies AND TOOLS used

Vue JS

Scoped CSS - With Vue.js, you can specify scoped CSS styles for components, preventing style conflicts and encapsulating styles to certain components.

Versatility - From tiny projects and prototypes to large-scale apps, Vue.js is flexible and can be used to construct a wide range of applications.

Performance - Vue.js is renowned for its tiny bundle size and performance optimisation, which help to improve user experiences and speed up load times.


Responsive Design - Buefy's components are made with responsive design, so your application will function properly on a range of screen sizes and devices.

Consistency - Buefy makes sure that your application's UI is consistent throughout and that it follows Material Design guidelines.

Active Community - Buefy offers a vibrant user and contributor community where you may find information, third-party add-ons, and support to increase its functionality.


Flexbox-Based - Bulma's flexibility and power for creating intricate and responsive designs stem from its foundation as an extension of the Flexbox CSS layout architecture.

Customization - Bulma can be highly customised, despite offering a default design. Styles may be easily overridden to match the branding and appearance of your project.

Utility Classes - Bulma comes with a collection of utility classes that may be used to directly alter the behaviour and styles of HTML elements, making styling and responsiveness simpler.


Cross-Browser Testing - In a headless environment, cross-browser testing can be carried out using Jest in conjunction with programmes like jsdom.

Code Coverage - You can determine which portions of your code are tested and which are not by using the code coverage statistics that Jest may produce. This will help your codebase's quality to increase.