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Top 5 Performance Testing Tools for Your Team

Performance testing checks how well your software holds up when it's under a lot of stress! The goal is to find parts that are too slow or use too many resources. Performance testing measures speed, response time, scalability, resource usage, and stability when your system is working hard. It helps you spot performance bottlenecks and other issues before users complain about a slow or unstable app. This type of testing makes sure your software stays speedy and stable even when flooded with traffic.

Natesh Subramanian
Mar 21, 2024

Katalon Studio: A Comprehensive Guide to Automated Testing

Katalon Studio serves as a comprehensive solution, integrating tools for conducting automated testing across various platforms, including web, API, mobile, and Windows desktop applications. By reducing the necessity for extensive coding expertise, Katalon Studio aims to streamline the software development life cycle (SDLC) process for teams, facilitating faster iteration and more efficient quality assurance practices.