What we accomplished

Technologies AND TOOLS used


Graphical User Interface (GUI) Libraries - It provides libraries and tools for creating GUIs, making it suited for creating visually appealing front-end applications.

Portability - Java programmes can execute on various servers and contexts since they are platform-independent.

Multithreading - It has multithreading capabilities, which enables better speed and effective management of multiple activities at once.

Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform & Jenkins

DevOps Integration - Kubernetes makes automated testing and deployment easier by integrating nicely with CI/CD pipelines and DevOps practises.

Ecosystem - Docker has an extensive network of tools and services, such as Docker Compose, which facilitates the definition and execution of multi-container applications.

Declarative Syntax - Terraform makes use of a declarative configuration language that provides a clear and succinct definition of the desired state of the infrastructure.

Backup and Recovery - In order to minimise downtime and data loss, Jenkins offers backup and recovery features.

New Relic, Prometheus & Grafana

Security and Compliance - New Relic provides tools to help with data security and compliance regulations.

Alerting - It offers integrated alerting with customizable criteria and thresholds, enabling early problem identification.

Annotations - To highlight events or problems and give the data more context, you can add annotations to dashboards.


Broad Range of Services - To meet a variety of IT requirements, AWS provides an extensive range of cloud services, including databases, machine learning, storage, computing, analytics, and more.

Content Delivery - Low-latency content delivery and caching are offered by AWS CloudFront, a content delivery network (CDN).