What we accomplished

Technologies AND TOOLS used

Angular & Ionic

Mobile Development - With the aid of frameworks like Ionic, Angular can be utilised to create mobile applications.

Performance Optimization - Application performance optimisation is possible with the use of Angular's tools and methods.

Rapid Development - Ionic's command-line interface (CLI) makes it possible for rapid development.

Microsoft SQL Server & Dot Net Core

High Performance - Quick data retrieval and manipulation are made possible by query optimisation, indexing, and in-memory processing.

Security - Offers strong security measures, including procedures for authentication, authorization, and encryption.

Cross-Framework Compatibility - You can reuse pre-existing code and libraries from other.NET projects.

Qmetry, Browser Stack & Postman

Scalability - It can grow to meet the requirements of both small teams and huge corporations.

Visual Testing - Visual regression testing can be used to find and fix visual inconsistencies between different browsers.

Detailed Reporting - Find problems and faults in API responses with the help of Postman's thorough test reports.

Sketch & Figma

Cloud-Based - Designers may view and work on their projects from any location with an internet connection.

Vector Editing - Able create and manipulate shapes, icons, and illustrations.

Plugins - A broad variety of third-party plugins are supported.