Why Amadeus?

Rajesh Babu
Apr 14, 2022
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Travelers have grown tremendously over the past few months after many countries lifted the restrictions over COVID. Hence, the amount of people booking tickets to their favorite destinations have increased exponentially. 

On an average, a traveler visits anywhere between 40 and 120 websites to finalize the travel itinerary, a fact often interpreted as a problem in need of a solution. However, it’s also the byproduct of a natural human emotion: excitement. People love traveling. Exploring new destinations online is fun and can be downright addictive once the travel bug hits.

The Client 

Our client is one of the leading global provider of fully furnished residences, serviced apartments and suites for travelers who want to skip hotels and stay in residences. They have 5-star Residences, 4-star Serviced Apartments and 3-star Suites that combine the best of apartment living with a variety of service packages to offer guests more choices based on their lifestyle and budget.

Problem statement

Our Client has an application for Hotel bookings. But, they wanted to give a 360 degree service to their clients and not limit it to hotel bookings.. They wanted to be one-stop solution provider for all their travel requirements. 


  • After researching multiple models, we decided to leverage Amadeus APIs and integrated to B2B2C (Business to business to consumer) application.
  • From the wide range of 100 Enterprise APIs, we chose the appropriate APIs, implemented and tested them through Enterprise API sandbox
  • To integrate the Amadeus APIs, one of the key tasks was to obtain the certification from Amadeus for each service that was being offered Hotel, Car, and Flight respectively.
  • During this process of integration, we had to overcome many challenges that are common in nature when multiple sources are involved; data computation was one of the major challenges.  Data deduplication technique commonly called as Dedup was applied for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data


  • By integrating with Amadeus, client’s need of providing the holistic travel solutions was achieved
  • Increased Customer Base
  • Increased Data Accuracy and Prioritization of listings through Dedup

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