Network and Data Security at Our Workplace and Remote

Vasantha Sivan Sugumar
Apr 29, 2022
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In today’s world, one of the most important assets of any company is digital records/properties. And that is even more prudent for technology firms where software and systems are often the lifeline of their companies, and having them compromised. Data thieves significantly benefit from stealing valuable information such as customer’s personal data including banking social and financial information. Besides, wonder how your competitors would benefit from the data leak?

Considering all these factors in place, At vThink, we take data as a very serious matter and have put various measures to ensure data security, integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of the computer systems in the network making both hardware and software secure and safe.

  • Physical Security - Our office is fully equipped with biometric authentication on all major checkpoints, ID cards, CCTV surveillance to restrict any unauthorized physical access to any organizational devices or any outsider to social-engineer their way to our building.
  • Network Security - To keep our network secure, all the network components are configured and connected to the organizational firewall which protects the office network being accessed by outsiders. Every PC MAC address has been configured in the firewall which ensures access to those PC’s which are configured in the network.
  • Data Security - Our data is maintained by Seqrite endpoint security. Seqrite disables FTP, USB and also tracks when files are being moved within the PC. Apart from our client data, the documentations, POCs for internal purpose and project proposal docs, handy non-sensitive project details are being maintained in a server within the office network with password encryption. This helps us to maintain data at a common storage which will help in unfortunate system crash scenarios.
  • Audit - Periodic Network and Data audit is strictly done to ensure optimum safety. The audit team takes stock of PC hardware changes, updating softwares, antivirus, and also ensures that the data backup is done. They also make sure that unwanted files and software are removed to improve the performance of PCs.
  • The NAS Team - Time is Gold, hence our Network and Support (NAS)team understands the importance of time and jumps into action to resolve system related issues swiftly. Also, NAS tracks the asset movement and conducts audits on the assets periodically. Apart from this, the team also ensures uninterrupted power supply and infra activities to keep the employees comfortable and their PCs safe and secure.
  • Training programs – Cyber/Network security is considered as a highly important topic during our induction program and all the employees are trained to follow the network and asset protocols. Assessments are periodically conducted online to keep the employees updated about the security protocols. This plays a big role in exacerbating workplace data thereat to a great extent.
  • Rule-Based Access To Sensitive Information - Any employee has to get approval from his lead to access sensitive project related information. No employee is encouraged to bring their personal computers for any cause.

With all these data and network security protocols in place, we are sure that we have a strong and robust system to protect sensitive data from being mishandled or targeted by hackers which helps us in providing innovative solutions to our clients without any hassle.

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