Discover the Power of NFC: A Guide to Reading and Writing Product Details

Hemalatha Rajendiran
Jan 2, 2023
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Have you heard of Near Field Communication (NFC)?

It's a technology that allows for communication between devices simply by holding them close to each other. With a range of about 20 centimeters, NFC enables radio communication between devices for a variety of tasks, including transactions. If you're not familiar with this newer technology, read on to learn more about its capabilities and potential applications.

How to Use NFC Tags to Read Product Details

NFC tags are small chips that can be embedded in a variety of products, including clothing, accessories, and home goods. These tags can be read by NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones, to access information about the product. This is especially useful for consumers who want to know more about the products they are purchasing, including ingredients, materials, and manufacturing processes.

Using NFC tags to read product details is easy. Simply hold your NFC-enabled device close to the tag, and the information will automatically be transferred to your device. This can be done through a variety of apps, such as QR code scanners or NFC reader apps.

In addition to providing consumers with more information about the products they are purchasing, NFC tags can also be used by retailers to track inventory, identify products, and even provide personalized recommendations to customers.

Read and Write NFC Tags

NFC-enabled devices have the ability to both read and write data when in close proximity to other NFC-enabled devices. This allows for the exchange of information and the completion of transactions in a secure manner. The main purpose of NFC technology is to facilitate the sharing of data and the conducting of transactions between devices.

How have we used NFC in our application :

Telecom Domain:

Telecom Domain Field Enablement and DAS Test (FEDT) app is a simple and easy to use tool to efficiently and effectively manage the installation and testing of any DAS system.

Customers can create and load a personalized site based on their design (iBwave, RFDS and CD) and use the site to manage and track the installation and testing from the app.Installation and testing data captured offline, is pushed into Telecom domain cloud once the user becomes online to generate Close Out Package (COP) in seconds.

This application has the ability to both read and write to NFC tags, including the option to lock the write feature for added security. These tags are commonly used for one-time provisioning, business cards, and identifying specific tags among a group of multiple tags. The locking feature ensures that the information stored on the tag cannot be overwritten by anyone else, providing added protection for sensitive data.

As NFC technology continues to advance, we can expect to see an increase in its use across a variety of industries. From retail and business to healthcare and transportation, NFC has the potential to revolutionize the way we conduct transactions and share information. With the ability to easily read and write data to NFC tags, we can expect to see more efficient and convenient ways of accessing and sharing information in the future. As more and more devices become NFC-enabled, the possibilities for NFC technology are endless.

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